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Seize the Media

Seize the Media is a social entertainment company that focuses on cross-media story architecture.

Seize the Media is a media company dedicated to the development and exploitation of media properties in the Transmedia domain. They develop, produce and market original creative works and Transmedia programs. These works derive from their own intellectual property and from licenses that they have acquired from third parties. In addition, Seize the Media provides creative services, consulting and production assistance to other media and production interests that seek to develop Transmedia projects.
Seize the Media has created and deployed story architectures and applications for clients such as myspace, Hammer Films, eBay, Ubisoft, CAA, and Droga 5. In addition, Seize the Media has developed and executed several original media properties, such as Hope Is Missing and the feature film Head Trauma. Seize the Media also provides strategic, technical, and creative consulting to media interests in the emerging transmedia category.

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Seize-the-media People:Lance Weiler

Field of expertise

Production, Distribution

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