• by Miranda July

    This free app injects human contact into contemporary telecommunications like a “message in a bottle 2.0,” putting strangers in contact with one another.

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  • by Kutiman

    Kutiman creates whole new songs from YouTube videos: smoothly edited songs composed from the work of anonymous amateur musicians.

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  • by Bruno Stagnaro, Caroline Hayeur, David Mongeau-Petitpas, Manuel Archain, Marc-Antoine Jacques

    This collage of shrieking, roaring, growling and bellowing invites the viewer to contribute to an eternal scream.

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  • by Thomas Wallner

    A 360-degree documentary that shows the climatological and cultural changes taking place in the Arctic area, literally from all sides.

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  • by Mark Thompson, Michael Epstein, Design I/O and eyeball

    This interactive app takes the user on the stormy voyage to Bermuda that inspired John Lennon to make his album Double Fantasy.

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  • by Eline Jongsma, Kel O'Neill

    This powerful and highly dynamic interactive documentary offers insight into the unintended long-term effects of Dutch colonialism, making them palpable.

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  • by Dirk Jan Visser, Jan Rothuizen, Martijn van Tol

    You think refugees are passive victims? Then spend some time in Domiz in northern Iraq and find out what everyday life in a camp is really like.

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  • by Phil Cox

    Spend the night together with your partner in the virtual love hotel, which tastefully combines online erotic literature and photography.

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  • by Antoine Viviani

    Big data is drawing humanity ever deeper into the machine, and virtual immortality is around the corner.

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  • by Rosario González

    How subtitles and dubbing can change the meaning of a film and even give a whole new interpretation to the images.

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  • by Loc Dao, Pablo Vio, Lindsay Poulton, Jeremy Mendes, Francesca Panetta

    A moral update on the Internet era on the basis of the seven deadly sins, presented as an interactive website with videos, posts and polls.

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  • by Topaz Adizes, Nathan Phillips

    An interactive documentary in which the viewer can navigate through 30 couples discussing the big themes of love and relationships.

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  • by Julie Snyder, Sarah Koenig

    This audiovisual whodunit keeps its podcast listeners in a perpetual state of tension – who killed the American schoolgirl Hae Min Lee?

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  • by Owen Mundy

    Uploading photos isn’t as harmless as you might think, as demonstrated by this amusing but unsettling online data project.

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  • by Jiao Chen, SBS Australia

    Protest or riot? A comparison of reporting on unrest at Tiananmen Square in 1989 shows how various versions of the news crystallize into historical fact.

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