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A program of short stories that would never have existed without the internet.

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Generation What

What does it mean, to be young in Europe nowadays?

“Generation What” is a european transmedia campaign which consists in an online survey aimed at young adults of several countries and a television documentary series about their generation. 149 questions probing how the youth view and live intimacy, family, society, future, borders and Europe. The website allows each user to see exactly how, for each answer and in real time, they compare with their peers. In other words, no one is really alone behind their screen anymore: each isolated user suddenly becomes a member of a vast community, watching his/her generation gradually emerge. Am I normal? What does the youth think in France, or in Italy, Spain, Germany, Wales, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Luxembourg, Irland and Est-ce que je suis normal?

Project details

Year of development :2016
Created by:Margaux Missika, Christophe Nick, Alexandre Brachet

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