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DocLab Shorts 24 Nov at 19:45

A program of short stories that would never have existed without the internet.

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Documentary remixes and mashups by Eboman and filmmakers present at IDFA

Each year, IDFA accomodates a huge collection of wonderful new documentary footage shot all over the world. What would happen if seperate films were mixed and mashed into new film shorts? It might sound crazy, but that’s exactly what some filmmakers will be attempting during this year’s IDFA. Together with the Dutch sample composer Eboman, IDFA is offering sample composition of their own film is just one day.
In order to achieve this goal, Eboman has made his studio and sample system Sense IV available to the filmmakers thoughout the festival. Either independently or in pairs, the filmmakers spend a day working on a documentary sample composition of around one to two minutes in length. There are no rules or guidelines, but the goal is to create new works that adopt a form or meaning that is completely different from that of the original films.

Project details

Year of development :2007
Created by:Eboman

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