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DocLab Live: Order, Chaos and Everything 21 Nov at 20:00

Join Jonathan Harris on a secular pilgrimage: from physical reality to the chaos of YouTube, and a digital simulation of consciousness.

DocLab Live: Bloodless – Guided by the Ghost of a Korean Sex Worker 25 Nov at 17:00

Special presentation on VR installation Bloodless, in which director Gina Kim and guests discuss the influence of American military presence on the South Korean people since 1956.

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The DocLab 2017 selection has been announced!

This year DocLab explores the ritualistic behaviours created around the interaction between humans and technology.

DocLab: Uncharted Rituals

Lucile Cossou, Gabriel Dalmasso, Rémy Bonté-Duval, Théo Le Du Fuentes, Bram Loogman, Joaquin Wall, Sara Kolster, Nirit Peled, Dries Depoorter, David Surprenant, Nicolas S. Roy, David Mongeau-Petitpas, Marc-Antoine Jacques, Laura Juo-Hsin Chen, Julia Irwin, Rebecca Lieberman, Ifeatu Nnaobi | Canada | 2017

{The And} VR
Topaz Adizes, Alex Suber | United States | 2017 | 9 min.

Andrew Wong, James Thompson | United States | 2016

Echoes of IS
Tessa Pope, Niels van Koevorden | The Netherlands | 2017 | 110 min.

David OReilly | United States, Ireland | 2017 | 10 min.
Also part of Jonathan Harris’ Top 10.

Ex Nihilo
Timo Wright | Finland | 2017 | 11 min.

The Last Chair
Jessie van Vreden, Anke Teunissen | The Netherlands | 2017

Somewhere Else
Micha Wertheim | The Netherlands | 2016

IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling

Gina Kim | South Korea, United States | 2017 | 12 min.

Bury Me, My Love
Florent Maurin | France | 2017

Cosmic Top Secret
Trine Laier | Denmark | 2017

Deep Down Tidal
Tabita Rezaire | South Africa | 2017 | 21 min.

It Must Have Been Dark By Then
Duncan Speakman | United Kingdom, Belgium | 2017 | 60 min.

Ella Rubeli, Boris Etingof, Kylie Boltin | Australia | 2017 | 10 min.

Francesca Panetta, Shehani Fernando | United Kingdom | 2017 | 7 min.

Poppy Interactive
Antoinette de Jong, Robert Knoth | The Netherlands | 2017 | 100 min.

Potato Dreams
Wes Hurley | United States | 2017 | 6 min.

A Thin Black Line
Douglas Watkin, Oscar Raby, Vernon Ah Kee | Australia | 2017 | 7 min.

IDFA DocLab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction

Nele Eeckhout, Siona Houthuys, Mirke Kist | The Netherlands, Belgium | 2017

The Cave
Qi Zhao | China | 2017 | 13 min.

Dance Tonite
Jonathan Puckey, Roel Wouters / Moniker, Jeff Nusz | The Netherlands, United States | 2017 | 3 min.

Greenland Melting
Catherine Upin, Julia Cort, Nonny de la Peña, Raney Aronson-Rath | United States | 2017 | 12 min.

Paisley Smith, Jam3, NFB | Canada | 2017 | 15 min.

I Swear to Tell the Truth
Anagram | United Kingdom | 2017 | 45 min.

Lauren McCarthy | United States | 2017

Learning to See: Hello World!
Memo Akten | United Kingdom | 2017

Patent Alert
Sander Veenhof | The Netherlands | 2017 | 10 min.

Caitlin Robinson, Ziv Schneider | United States | 2017

The full IDFA selection can be found here, along with more information about this year’s special guest. For the first time ever, IDFA’s annual Top 10 program will be compiled by an interdisciplinary documentary artist instead of a filmmaker. Internet artist Jonathan Harris will be this year’s IDFA guest of honor, compiling this year’s Top 10 program as well as being honored with a Retrospective of his work.

IDFA DocLab Volunteers 2017

Support the festival and expand your knowledge of new media!


DocLab is the new media program at IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, exploring how the digital revolution is reshaping documentary art. As a DocLab volunteer, you will spend most of your time at the exhibition. Your responsibilities might include explaining to visitors how to use VR head sets like the Oculus Rift or Gear VR, keeping track of reservations or offering clarification on any number of projects. DocLab takes place 16-26 November at the Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond, DocLab’s partner and home base.

Volunteers are an important and intrinsic aspect to the successful organization of IDFA. You will run into them in every corner of the festival: at the theater doors, manning the box office, or delivering the festival daily, lunches and posters. They welcome our guests and audiences, function as our eyes and ears during the festival, and are ambassadors of IDFA thanks to their enthusiasm for the festival.

IDFA DocLab Volunteer Shifts
Most of the program takes place from 11am – 9pm, but you may need to arrive as early as 9am or stay as late as 11pm for your six-hour shift.

You should be social and friendly, speak English and have no fear of technology, and affinity with new media or virtual reality is a definite plus. Please note that special technical knowledge isn’t required.

At DocLab, you can expand your knowledge of new media and virtual reality, as well as improve your social and communication skills.


Apply as a volunteer for IDFA 2017

Do you want to be a part of new media team at the largest documentary festival of the world? Then sign up as a volunteer! We will contact you shortly after receiving your application.

Apply to Volunteer via MyIDFA here: Volunteer Form
Choose DocLab as your preference in the volunteer form.

By filling out the form you agree to comply with the General Terms and Conditions.

Please note: if you are from outside the EU, you will need a work permit for the Netherlands. Unfortunately it’s not allowed to do volunteer work on a Student Visa.


There are some requirements for becoming a volunteer at IDFA. They are described in our Volunteer Policy, together with everything that you can expect from IDFA when working as a volunteer.

Call for entry IDFA DocLab, DocLab Academy, Crossmedia Forum

Check out what the 30th edition of IDFA has to offer.

The IDFA DocLab program showcases new digital works from across the field. DocLab Academy presents an interactive 5-day workshop. The Crossmedia Forum offers co-production and funding opportunities for innovative non-linear projects.

Submission deadline: August 1
The DocLab program is open to all sorts of interactive projects, ranging from webdocs, virtual reality and artificial intelligence projects to physical installations, multimedia journalism, live performances and anything else that tells a documentary story or explores unknown realities. All projects submitted for the DocLab program will be considered for the Digital Storytelling Award and the Immersive Non-Fiction Award. Projects that have not been widely presented at other events have preference.
Click here to submit for IDFA DocLab

Crossmedia Forum
Submission deadline: August 15
The festival’s international co-production and co-financing market IDFA Forum welcomes new media projects with an emphasis on interactivity which are seeking professional input, co-production and financing partners. Through public pitches, one-on-one meetings and networking events, IDFA Crossmedia Forum provides a meeting place for creative producers and a diverse group of professionals in the field of interactive storytelling.
Click here to submit for Crossmedia Forum

DocLab Academy
Submission deadline: September 4
IDFA and interdisciplinary arts centre De Brakke Grond invite emerging interactive artists, storytellers and documentary filmmakers to apply for a unique five-day training program, which includes masterclasses, workshops, and access to key industry events. The committee selecting the participants consists of Annelies Termeer (VPRO), Wim Forceville (creative director, Belgium) and Janine Steel (National Film Board of Canada).
Click here to submit DocLab Academy

We look forward to receiving your projects! You can find more information on IDFA DocLab 2017 on our website, or scroll down for key deadlines and festival dates.

DocLab Live Cinema Events, November 16-21:
A series of five unpredictable evenings, ranging from interactive showcases to experimental multimedia performances with live music and interaction with the audience.
DocLab Exhibition, November 16-26:
Expo of installations and interactive projects on new ways of documentary storytelling.
DocLab Interactive Conference, Sunday November 19:
Digital pioneers and artists present their projects, lessons learned, and visions of the future of the industry.
IDFA Crossmedia Forum, Monday November 20:
Co-production and funding opportunities for innovative non-linear projects.

Open Call for DocLab Academy 2017 Participants

You can apply to DocLab Academy 2017!


The DocLab Academy is an international program for new talent in the field of documentary storytelling and interactive media. The five day program takes place November 17-21 during the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

Digital technology has become increasingly entangled with everyday reality. The consequences are far-reaching, and at times alarming, but it has also lead to a new era of artistic innovation in non-fiction storytelling and art across multiple disciplines.

How do we tell an interactive story? What is the creative potential of new technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and interactive media? How do successful digital pioneers use the endless possibilities of the internet without getting lost? And how do you finance interactive documentaries, find the right partners, and reach your audience?

The five day DocLab Academy program addresses a variety of challenges and opportunities through exclusive workshops on virtual reality and interactive storytelling by international new media pioneers. Participants receive portfolio reviews and one-on-one meetings to address more specific questions. There will also be plenty of time to network and reflect on each other’s work. Participants have access to relevant parts of IDFA’s other industry activities, a.o. IDFAcademy workshops and new media pitches at the Crossmedia Forum. Alongside the IDFA DocLab program, which includes Live Cinema Events and the Interactive Conference, the complete IDFA program is open to DocLab Academy participants.

Who can participate:
DocLab Academy can facilitate 25 (documentary) makers and new media professionals:
1/3 from The Netherlands, 1/3 from Flanders and 1/3 from other parts of the world.
Participation is person based, not project based.

Deadline for submissions is September 4th at 23:59 hr.
The selection of participants are announced early October.
DocLab Academy takes place 17-21 November in Amsterdam.

Participating in DocLab Academy 2017 costs €230,-.

What we offer:
Exclusively for DocLab Academy participants:
• Masterclasses & workshops
• Portfolio reviews & one-on-one meetings
• Attendance of the IDFA Crossmedia Forum, the co-production and co-financing market for innovative non-linear projects
• Networking opportunities
• Access to IDFA Festival film screenings and industry events
• Access to selected modules of the IDFAcademy program
Additional access to the DocLab program:
• IDFA DocLab Interactive Conference
• IDFA DocLab Exhibition
• IDFA DocLab Live Cinema Events
For Flemish participants:
• 4 nights in Amsterdam during DocLab Academy

How to apply:
Applications can be done by submitting the online form that will be available through MyIDFA from July 3rd. Deadline for submissions is September 4th at 23:59 hrs (CET).
The online form requires an MyIDFA account, you can register for free at https://www.idfa.nl/en/myidfa. Please note that existing MyIDFA accounts have been migrated to our new website; for security their passwords will need to be reset. Existing users can set a new password through the ‘forgot password’ action during login.

Applications are in English and consist of:
• Contact details
• Short biography (max. 50 words)
• Motivation (max. 100 words)
• Description of your current or most recent new media project (max. 100 words), including a link to visuals
• Description of what you would like to learn and research in the field of interactive storytelling (max.100 words)
• Links to three digital or interactive projects that inspire you
• Link to online portfolio
• Profile picture

The online application form for DocLab Academy will be available from July 3rd.

Early October 2017 we will announce the selection of the participants.

DocLab Academy is an initiative of IDFA’s new media program DocLab and Flemish Arts Center De Brakke Grond. The program is supported by The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF).

For more information and to apply go to idfa.nl/en/info/doclab-academy.
Send your questions to doclabacademy@idfa.nl.
More information on DocLab Academy: www.brakkegrond.nl/doclabacademy and idfa.nl/en/info/doclab

Update or Die conference talks are now online

In case you missed Update or Die: Future Proofing Emerging Digital Documentary Forms at Phi Centre, all of the day’s talks are now available to watch online.

This event brought together global leaders from media and arts organizations, libraries, archival institutes, game and technology companies and initiatives to address the questions around interactive documentary preservation, and more, to learn from each other and past attempts at preservation, and collectively discuss and tackle the unique challenges posed by documentary in a fast-changing and often proprietary digital media landscape.

You can find the full programme here.