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DocLab Live: Assorted Revolutions 19 Nov at 20:00

An evening about simmering revolutions, future revolutions and irreversible changes.

Industry Session: Creating Inclusive Realities 19 Nov at 10:00

Drawing hands-on inspiration from immersive storytelling to create more diverse and authentic stories.

Financing Market: IDFA Crossmedia Forum 2018 19 Nov at 11:45

New media projects will be pitched for a broad audience of attending broadcasters and other decision makers from around the world.

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Flavours of Iraq

Twenty powerful animated films appeal to the senses in a rich portrayal of the country and familiy of an Iraqi-French journalist.

The flavor of apricot ice cream, the smell of gunpowder, the sound of bombings—the Iraqi-French filmmaker Feurat Alani appeals to the senses in his portrayal of Iraq through memories of family visits. As an adult he spends a number of years there working as a journalist, and is confronted by terror and war. In his home he finds himself looking down the barrel of an American soldier’s gun, but he also reports on the U.S. Army as an embedded journalist.

In 20 animated shorts directed by Leonard Cohen, through minor events Alani’s personal history emerges, as well as that of his family and a blighted country. The unequal degree of detail in memories and impressions is reflected in the imagery of the animations. Faces aren’t entirely complete, and are sometimes made up of moustaches and eyebrows, or merely a gleaming smile. Form and content reinforce one another, and the animations produce added layers. When the nine-year-old Alani visits his Iraqi family for the first time, Saddam Hussein literally hangs like a threatening cloud above an otherwise happy life. In spite of everything, there’s room for love, beauty, humor and above all humanity.

TV5MONDE supports all French-language productions at IDFA 2018. For more French documentaries with Ducth subtitles, visit TV5MONDE.

Project details

Year of development :2018
Created by:Leonard Cohen
With:Feurat Alani

Available formats