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DocLab Live: Assorted Revolutions 19 Nov at 20:00

An evening about simmering revolutions, future revolutions and irreversible changes.

Industry Session: Creating Inclusive Realities 19 Nov at 10:00

Drawing hands-on inspiration from immersive storytelling to create more diverse and authentic stories.

Financing Market: IDFA Crossmedia Forum 2018 19 Nov at 11:45

New media projects will be pitched for a broad audience of attending broadcasters and other decision makers from around the world.

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False Mirror

This ever-growing VR city is a laboratory in which its creator Ali Eslami explores our possible futures in completely virtual worlds.

If future humans (or post-humans) ever live in completely virtual worlds, what would their lives look like? Ali Eslami attempts to answer this by simply beginning to construct those worlds. Originally from Iran, this VR artist and winner of the 2016 IDFA DocLab Award for DeathTolls Experience started his work in the basement, and is now building floor after floor of an infinite virtual city.

The result is a unique VR project that uses speculative design to imagine possible futures. False Mirror is a vibrant and boundless virtual space that’s continually growing and reshaping itself. This is no faithful representation of an existing place, but it’s also not completely disconnected from our reality. It’s an extension of our own world, in which the virtual sometimes turns out to be material after all.

False Mirror is an ongoing research project conducted by the artist and his audience—reason why Eslami sees live demonstration as the ideal manifestation of the work.

Project details

Year of development :2018
Created by:Ali Eslami

Available formats