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DocLab Live: Assorted Revolutions 19 Nov at 20:00

An evening about simmering revolutions, future revolutions and irreversible changes.

Industry Session: Creating Inclusive Realities 19 Nov at 10:00

Drawing hands-on inspiration from immersive storytelling to create more diverse and authentic stories.

Financing Market: IDFA Crossmedia Forum 2018 19 Nov at 11:45

New media projects will be pitched for a broad audience of attending broadcasters and other decision makers from around the world.

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1 the Road

“Automatic writing” will never mean the same thing again, now that artificial intelligence has written the book 1 the Road—using a car as its pen.

Can artificial intelligence produce art? When a machine is the author, what effect does that have on our perception of literature? As he himself makes clear, Ross Goodwin is certainly no poet, but he is a creative technologist, a “gonzo data scientist” and an expert on artificial intelligence (AI). He’s also not the author of the book 1 the Road, but he is the author of its author—an AI machine. Goodwin trained the machine to write prose and poetry, and for this classic American literary road trip from New York to New Orleans, it “writes” using a car instead of a pen.

Goodwin mounted a surveillance camera on the car that could be pointed in four directions and hooked up a GPS receiver to a database of locations. Inside the car, a microphone recorded the conversations between Goodwin and his film crew, friends and colleagues from Google’s Artists and Machine Intelligence program. The AI processed all this input into a manuscript that it produced line by line and printed out on the paper from 11 cash register rolls, which gradually filled the entire back seat.

Project details

Year of development :2018
Created by:Ross Goodwin
With:Jean Boîte Éditions

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