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DocLab Expo: Uncharted Rituals 16 Nov at 09:00

The 11th edition of IDFA DocLab takes place 16-26 November 2017 in the center of Amsterdam.

DocLab Live: Uncharted Rituals Opening Night 16 Nov at 20:00

Make sure your phone is charged for this festive opening night, featuring Top 10 curator Jonathan Harris and live performances

Jonathan Harris Retrospective & Top 10 16 Nov at 09:00

IDFA will present the world’s first retrospective of Jonathan Harris’ work including his early sketchbooks, interactive works, and his latest project about rituals.

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It Must Have Been Dark by Then

Follow your instincts: that’s the advice during this audio tour, in which a map without roads leads you to your own significant places.

Follow your instincts: that’s the advice during this audio walk—a guided tour, exploration and literary experience all in one. Your instincts take you by the hand and unconsciously give meaning to the places you come across. A beautifully designed book, a map on your phone and audio stories help you to explore why is it that your experiences color your environment. A map without roads leads you to a place by the water, a border or an intersection. By way of an almost poetic reflection, you make your own route to explore the city you’re in, and at the same time you hear stories from the swamps of Louisiana, the Tunisian Sahara and deserted Latvian villages. As every story will always be connected with the place you first heard it, this walking tour attaches memories to the places you visit on your route.

Project details

Year of development :2017
Created by:Duncan Speakman, Tineke de Meyer

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