Past events

[The Brain] 24 Nov 2018 at 20:00

Discover what it’s like to be part of a collective brain: a self-organizing, complex system that generates autonomous output.

Doclab Live: Jacco Gardner’s Somnium 23 Nov 2018 at 20:00, 22:00

Sensory live performance in the ARTIS planetarium of Jacco Gardner’s new album Somnium and the kinetic installation Volverium by Thijs Biersteker.

DocLab Academy: Workshop Day at Lava Lab 20 Nov 2018 at 9:30

A full day of hand’s on workshops by several professionals, taking place at design and technology innovation lab Lava Lab.

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Ex Nihilo

This contemplative installation zooms in on three companies trying to exercise control over—or even overcome—life and death.

This contemplative installation zooms in on three companies that are attempting to push the boundaries of human life. The title Ex Nihilo refers to the creation myth: God creating the heavens and earth from nothing. The American company Oregon Cryonics is attempting to conquer death by freezing the brains of the deceased in the expectation that one day it will be possible to bring them back to life. Svalbard Global Seed Vault on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen stores plant seeds at a constant temperature of -18ºC so that, in the event of an apocalyptic disaster, we will still be able to grow crops. At the Korean Advanced Institute, they are developing HUBO, a highly advanced human robot. Starting with stunning icy images of Spitsbergen and supported by an atmospheric soundscape, this installation tells a serene, stylized story on three separate screens. This subtle, sensory experience stimulates us to reflect on the philosophical and ethical dimensions of playing God.

Project details

Year of development :2017
Created by:Timo Wright

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