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DocLab Live: Eat | Tech | Dinner Party 18 Nov at 18:30, 21:00

What does the internet taste like? An unpredictable futuristic feast full of digital technology and old-fashioned good food.

Immersive Network Summit 18 Nov at 9:30

Invite only think tank event for experts from all corners of the interactive and immersive storytelling industry to explore next steps in developing the medium.

DocLab Academy: Interdisciplinary Collaborations 18 Nov at 9:30

A collaborative session with the Sandberg@Mediapark Masterclass about the do’s and don’ts of interdisciplinary collaborations.

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DIY Manifesto

Starting from the city of Detroit, this crossmedia web documentary explores the DIY movement on at least 2 continents.

Starting from the city of Detroit in the USA, this customizable crossmedia web documentary explores the DIY movement on at least 2 continents, as a new way of living and thinking community. Urban farming, hacking and transportation justice are the three major issues at its core. Through a series of three interactive short docs, articles and videos on the ground, challenges, and how-to guides, DIY Manifesto is designed to inspire and empower viewers using an HTML5 platform, that embeds social media.

Project details

Year of development :2014
Created by:Nora Mandray, Helene Bienvenu, David Bigiaoui, Jason Kohl, Pauline Schleimer, Sébastien Bourdou

Available formats