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DocLab Live: Bloodless – Guided by the Ghost of a Korean Sex Worker 25 Nov at 17:00

Special presentation on VR installation Bloodless, in which director Gina Kim and guests discuss the influence of American military presence on the South Korean people since 1956.

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Live Cinema Event: Stories We Love to Forget

An evening packed with embarrassing, true stories told live on stage. With Micha Wertheim, Paulien Cornelisse, Kevin Allison (The Risk Show) and someone reading an excerpt from their adolescent diary.

IDFA DocLab presents an event around one of the most unexpected ‘new’ phenomena in documentary: true stories told live on stage. Although live storytelling is of course as old as people sitting around a campfire, in recent years events where people share true stories in front of an audience have become increasingly popular. In New York, audiences are lining up in the streets to get into one of the many small-scale events being organized every week.

Thanks to the rise of digital media and popular podcasts such as This American Life and The Moth, live storytelling is also becoming recognized as a serious form of documentary, crossing over to other countries and with stories recorded at events being downloaded all over the world. IDFA DocLab celebrates this highly unmediated form of documentary with a one-off festival event in collaboration with the Dutch storytelling show Echt Gebeurd.

The event includes live performances by Micha Wertheim and Paulien Cornelisse, someone reading an excerpt from their adolescent diary, Kevin Allison and others. Kevin Allison is the driving force behind the famous Risk Show from New York, specializing in embarrassing, often hilarious stories that people never expected to share with anyone.

Event information

  • When: 2011-11-23 at 22:00
  • Venue Name: Tuschinski 4
  • Venue address: Reguliersbreestraat 26 1017 CN Amsterdam
  • With: Paulien Cornelisse, Micha Wertheim and Kevin Allison
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