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DocLab Live: Assorted Revolutions 19 Nov at 20:00

An evening about simmering revolutions, future revolutions and irreversible changes.

Industry Session: Creating Inclusive Realities 19 Nov at 10:00

Drawing hands-on inspiration from immersive storytelling to create more diverse and authentic stories.

Financing Market: IDFA Crossmedia Forum 2018 19 Nov at 11:45

New media projects will be pitched for a broad audience of attending broadcasters and other decision makers from around the world.

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This Land

Interactive snowmobile road trip across 2,000 inhospitable kilometers of Northern Canada by filmmaker Dianne Whelan

In March 2007, seven members of a Canadian army rangers unit went by snowmobile to the most northerly point of Canadian territory, just a few hundred kilometers from the North Pole. The idea behind the trip: if you don’t actually inspect a piece of land, you can’t really claim to own it. Filmmaker Dianne Whelan went along as a full member of the expedition. The interactive documentary This Land, which has also appeared as a regular film and a book, is the result of this challenging expedition: more than 2,000 kilometers through one of the most inhospitable landscapes in the world. We hear Whelan’s personal story, which is not only about the privations of the 16-day journey, but also about her attempts as (in her own words) “a lesbian, whiskey-drinking, weed-smoking filmmaker” to fit in with this otherwise all-male group.

“We also see the impressive photos she took along the way. The journey is split into 16 blocks, each covering one of the 16 days. Every day starts with a map overview of the section of the journey to be covered that day, as well as daily reports on the falling temperature, the rising number of daylight hours, and the decreasing number of kilometers as they gradually approach their destination”

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Year of development :2010
Created by:Dianne Whelan
With:Jeremy Mendes

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