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DocLab Live: Eat | Tech | Dinner Party 18 Nov at 18:30, 21:00

What does the internet taste like? An unpredictable futuristic feast full of digital technology and old-fashioned good food.

Immersive Network Summit 18 Nov at 9:30

Invite only think tank event for experts from all corners of the interactive and immersive storytelling industry to explore next steps in developing the medium.

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A collaborative session with the Sandberg@Mediapark Masterclass about the do’s and don’ts of interdisciplinary collaborations.

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Review: DocLab Live 3 / A Showcase by Zach Wise

Night 3 in the DocLab Live program, and they were lining up at the door of Tuschinski 4, for New York Times multimedia producer Zach Wise’s top web bookmarks selection, a bespoke pick of golden needles in that murky haystack they call “Internet”.

New York Times digital has long established itself at the forefront of multimedia journalism, known and loved for it’s strong visual storytelling repertoire that combines swish use of technology with impeccable journalistic delivery – and a generous sprinkling of audience engagement.

With 20 million unique visitors a day, stakes is high (to coin a Long Island colloquialism) – and it’s Zach who’s job it is to ensures the site remains firmly positioned on the digital frontline, with pioneering projects like the beautiful and wildly popular 1 in 8 Million video mosaic of New York City, the seminal Lens photography blog, or participatory projects like the much-lauded Living with Less data-visualization.

In other words, the Wise Man knows his stuff.

With a sumptuous selection reflecting his broad scope of personal likes, Zach guided us through a 90-minute cinematic tour of small-screen content made big, spanning Vimeo documentary treasures, animation, fiction, crowd-sourcing, comedy, and interactive – all pulled together under a general theme of human inter-connectedness, multiplicity, and visual grandeur.

He started with a dazzling infographic on global Internet usage, featuring spam, viruses, malicious bots, Tweets, the demographics of social networking (it’s all about the ladies!), and prompting the question: why do we spend SO MUCH TIME on our backsides, staring at screens?

He continued with several very good reasons why, and here are just a few of them:

A short documentary about motorbike-maker Shinya Kimura – or, an ode to wildness and vulnerability.

The poignant, monochromatic, crowd-sourced music video for Ain’t No Grave by Johnny Cash.

An (albeit heavily branded) Stella Artois-funded documentary on the dwindling art of epic billboard painting in New York City (tattooed tough guys with soft, creative centers – who could resist?!)

A visual poem about the quintessentially North American joys of stoop-sitting.

An hilarious animation showing some of New York’s Lost Tribes in the form of talking pillar boxes, fire-hoses, and phone booths (it makes total sense when you see it).

A heartbreaking / heart-warming snippet from Soul of Athens, a collaborative, multimedia student project started by Zach himself four years ago; immersive visual reportage on daily life in small-town Ohio.

A spellbinding specimen of time-lapse splendour (if this gig wasn’t called DocLab I could have been forgiven for thinking I’d teleported to a sci-fi fest)!

And that ain’t the half of it! A full list of Zach Wise’s featured favourites coming right up. Meanwhile, allow me to recommend that you take in his highly-anticipated keynote speech for DocLab 2010 at Escape Club today. For non-Amsterdammers (or for those of us who like to pitch on a Tuesday afternoon), the presentation will be streaming live and beyond from here.

Written by TheMinilot.