• by Tega Brain, Sam Lavigne

    An online dating service matches subscribers on the basis of their scent. Use your molecular intuition to find out who you really find attractive.

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  • by Bjørn Karmann, Charlie Gedeon, Mikio Kiura, Sena Partal

    Travel the globe and let the world news help you discover surprising connections between places that are close together or far apart.

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  • by Lauren McCarthy

    Follower is a service providing you for just a few hours with your own real-life follower – an invisible companion who watches over you attentively.

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  • by Luna Maurer, Roel Wouters (Moniker)

    In a likeable, playful clickbait experience, you are rewarded for exploring all the interactive possibilities of your mouse.

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  • by Nele Eeckhout, Siona Houthuys, Mirke Kist

    In this intimate, alienating and comforting audio walk, strangers become friends and the people we once knew become strangers.

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  • by Topaz Adizes, Mike Knowlton, Julia Gorbach, Carla Tramullas, Mark Harris

    Modern relationships bring new dilemmas. This interactive web series present you with different couples and the choices they should make. What would you advise?

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  • by Peter DiCampo, Austin Merrill, Bjarke Myrthu

    By uploading photos of everyday life, “ordinary people” from all over the world show the place they live from a different perspective.

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  • by Thomas Deyriès

    Imagine you are the conductor of an animal orchestra in this interactive and incredibly detailed natural soundscape, compiled by artist and nature recordist Bernie Krause.

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  • by Ali Eslami

    A virtual journey from the refugee crisis in Europe to the bloodbath in Syria, placing the dry “data reality” of the news in an emotional perspective.

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  • by Matt Romein, Joseph Mango

    The 3-D scanner as a portal to the virtual space. Play with true-to-life replicas of the artist’s body.

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  • by Stu Campbell

    An interactive web animation in which a grandson relates in words and drawn images the eventful life of his grandfather, who is starting to suffer from dementia.

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  • by Shirin Anlen

    A poetic, interactive VR documentary in which the residents of the run-down Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv muse on their lives, loves, longing and loneliness.

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  • by Mia Donovan & Dpt

    A meditative virtual walk through the mental worlds of a former member of the Unification Church, a skinhead and a jihadist.

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  • by Bert Hana

    A virtual experience of forgotten answering machine messages and a very special videotape that director and found footage fanatic Bert Hana picked up in a second-hand store in France.

    + More info
  • by Francesca Panetta

    Explore the beauty, dangers and mythological allure of London’s Victorian sewer system in an interactive documentary that blends podcast journalism and VR gaming.

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  • by Beyza Boyacioglu, Jeff Soyk

    Spoken messages to the popular Turkish artist Zeki Müren (1931-1996) speak of an underlying nostalgia for a Turkey of bygone days.

    + More info
  • by Kyle McDonald

    An installation on the Wi-Fi Whisperer, who in a robot-like voice intones information from Wi-Fi networks, giving a scarily complete impression of us.

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  • by Rufus Norris, Toby Coffey, Erfan Saadati

    Experience the inhumane conditions of the Calais “jungle” and travel with Aamir from South Sudan via Libya and across the Mediterranean to his new “home.”

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  • by Peter Boyd-Maclean

    Bioni Samp’s bees don’t just make honey – they also make music. A fascinating, mind-expanding glimpse into the exceptional world inside the beehive.

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  • by Forensic Architecture

    A 3-D reconstruction of the notorious Saydnaya prison in Syria, on the basis of testimony from former prisoners who were held there in fear and darkness.

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