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DocLab Live: Stories from the Digital Lowlands 26 Nov 2014 at 20:00pm

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Financing Market: IDFA Crossmedia Forum 25 Nov 2014 at 14:30

Discover some of the best new media projects currently seeking financing and partners.

DocLab Live: Virtual Reality Showcase 25 Nov 2014 at 20:00pm

Tuesday 25 November 2014

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DocLab Live: Random Access Memory

Friday 21 November 2014

How do we remember and how do we forget in a world dominated by a collective digital brain called the Internet? Live screening with Antoine Viviani’s new interactive film In Limbo, Kutiman’s Thru You Too and an unforgettable digital travel story by Zilla van der Born.

This event is part of DocLab: Immersive Reality, a co-production of IDFA DocLab and De Brakke Grond.

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DocLab Academy

A new training program and meeting place for interactive talent.

DocLab Academy is a new training program and meeting place for interactive talent created in collaboration with interdisciplinary arts centre De Brakke Grond, the Netherlands Filmfund, VAF and Mediadesk. The event takes place during IDFA 2014 and offers a unique talent program for 20 digital documentary storytellers from the Netherlands and Belgium.

  • How does one tell an documentary story through interactive and immersive media?
  • How do successful digital pioneers make use of the freedom offered by the internet, without getting lost in its boundlessness?
  • How do they create projects that go beyond technological innovation and manage to touch our emotions?
  • How does one finance an interactive documentary, find the right partners, and reach an audience?

DocLab Academy aims to contribute to both the international development of the interactive documentary genre and discover, stimulate and nurture new talents from the low countries by allowing world-renowned artists and experts to share their knowledge with each other and up-and-coming digital documentary storytellers. Participants have access to all events from the DocLab: Immersive Reality program, as well as a number private workshops and networking events.

DocLab Academy is part of the DocLab: Immersive Reality program. A co-production between IDFA and De Brakke Grond,

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DocLab Interactive Conference 2014

Sunday 23 November 2014

How do we explore digital behaviour and redefine the documentary genre in the digital age? The one-day DocLab Interactive Conference is one of the highlights of the DocLab: Immersive Reality program by IDFA and art space De Brakke Grond. Presented by Ove Rishoj Jensen (EDN), Caspar Sonnen (IDFA) and Veerle Devreese (De Brakke Grond).

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  • Monique Simard (Sodec Foundation)
  • Juha van ‘t Zelfde (Lighthouse UK)
  • Francesca Panetta (Guardian Interactive)
  • Bruno Felix (Submarine Channel)
  • Jigar Mehta (Al Jazeera / AJ+)
  • Jan Rothuizen (media artist)
  • Hugues Sweeney (NFB), Alexander Knetig and Marianne Levy-Leblond (ARTE France)
  • Thomas Wallner (Deep Inc)
  • VR Panel: Danfung Dennis (Condition One), BeAnotherLab (The Machine to Be Another), Brian Chirls (POV Interactive) and Oscar Raby (media artist)
  • James George (media artist)
  • Liz Cook (Kickstarter)
  • Dries Verbruggen (Unfold)
  • Financiers Round
  • Kyle McDonald (media artist)

Date and Tickets  
November 23, 10:00-18:00 | De Brakke Grond – Expozaal
Tickets: 35 euro (including lunch and network drinks) Sold Out
Accredited Guests: 25 euro (including lunch and network drinks) Sold Out

Conference video
All presentations at this event will be recorded and published online soon.

Jonathan Harris at the IDFA DocLab Interactive Conference 2013

William Uricchio at the IDFA DocLab Interactive Conference 2012

Upcoming: IDFA DocLab 2014

Join us in Amsterdam from 20-26 November and explore the future of interactive non-fiction storytelling, virtual reality and digital media art.

Since 2007, IDFA explores the future of non-fiction storytelling with the DocLab program and the Forum for crossmedia projects. This year, in collaboration with De Brakke Grond, the festival will present its biggest interactive storytelling program yet.

The program will include a special focus on virtual reality and the convergence of digital and physical reality. Please mark the following dates and deadlines. We look forward to consider your interactive, transmedia and virtual reality projects.

IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling
Send us your web-documentaries, interactive storytelling apps, web-series and transmedia projects. Every year, the 15 best projects compete for the IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling, consisting of a €2,500 prize. Previous winners and nominees include HighriseBear 71Alma, a Tale of ViolenceHollow and Jonathan Harris’ I Love Your Work.
Deadline: August 1, 2014
Entry form: MyIDFA

IDFA Forum for Crossmedia projects
The Forum, IDFA’s international co-financing and co-production market, provides a platform for interactive and crossmedia projects seeking funders and professional input. In recent years critically acclaimed projects such as Gaza/SderotPrison Valley and 24h Berlin were pitched at the Forum.
Deadline: September 1, 2014
Entry form: MyIDFA

IDFA DocLab: Immersive Reality
In co-production with interdisciplinary arts centre De Brakke Grond, IDFA presents Immersive Reality: a continuous festival exhibition, series of live cinema events and industry meetings and a one-day conference, exploring the art of non-fiction storytelling in the age of the interface. Themes include data stories, interactive storytelling, neuroscience, surveillance and virtual reality. Please submit projects and proposals via the regular festival entry form or get in touch via
Deadline: August 1, 2014
Entry form: MyIDFA

IDFA DocLab Academy
In co-production with De Brakke Grond and IDFAcademy, interdisciplinary storytelling talents will be offered an intensive training program and unique network opportunities to meet with some of the world’s leading digital and documentary pioneers November 20-25. Further details and a call for participants will be published on September 1.

Main Festival Dates
IDFA DocLab takes place in the heart of Amsterdam during the IDFA festival, which will have its 27th edition November 19-30, 2014. The IDFA DocLab Interactive Conference will be held on Sunday, November 23. The Crossmedia Forum is part of IDFA Forum, held November 24-26.

The deadline for IDFA’s festival accreditation is October 10.
Accreditation form: MyIDFA

Stay tuned!
We’re currently updating this website. More details about all interactive events will be published online soon.

Get ready to submit your project to IDFA DocLab 2015

Make sure to submit your project by 1 August 2015.

IDFA DocLab is the official new media program of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. The program, celebrating its 8th edition in 2015, showcases interactive documentaries and other non-fiction forms of digital storytelling, games, apps, installations and media art. To get a sense of the types of projects we’re looking for, see our online database of interactive projects.

Competition for Digital Storytelling 2015
All submitted projects will be considered for the IDFA DocLab Competition Program, as well as other festival sections of IDFA. Projects will also be automatically be considered for the IDFA DocLab Online Database.

  • To submit you need to use the regular IDFA Festival Entry Form.
  • Make sure to classify your project as “interactive” and provide a preview link or screener.
  • Final Deadline 1 August 2015.

Online Database
We are open to suggestions throughout the year for interactive projects that should be included in our online database. For that, please use the Online Database Entry Form.

IDFA FORUM – Crossmedia Section
Crossmedia projects looking for international co-financing, can also submit a project plan to IDFA’s co-financing market The FORUM. Regulations and Entry forms for The Forum will be available later this year.