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IDFA DocLab Interactive Conference 2014 23 Nov at 9:30am

Mark the date: Sunday 23 November 2014

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About IDFA DocLab

IDFA DocLab is a festival program for new media within the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam(IDFA). The mission of IDFA DocLab is to showcase interactive documentaries and other new digital artforms that succesfully push the boundaries of documentary storytelling in the age of the interface. Projects are curated and presented online, as well as during live cinema events, exhibitions, workshops and industry panels.

Since the first pilot program in 2007, IDFA DocLab has developed into one of the leading platforms for interactive documentary storytelling. Projects that have been showcased at IDFA DocLab include GazaSderot, Highrise/OutMyWindow, Welcome to Pine Point, PrisonValley, Young Me Now Me, Bear71, Alma, a Tale of Violence and many many others. Throughout the year, IDFA DocLab maintains an online database for digital storytelling and regularly presents showcases at other festivals, such as SXSW, the Berlinale, the Cannes Film Festival, Tribeca and World Press Photo.

Commissioned works
Besides co-organizing new initiatives, such as the PhotoStories conference, IDFA DocLab also commissions new works (often in collaboration with De Brakke Grond). Examples include the Moments of Innovation project (in collaboration with M.I.T. Open DocLab and Upian), the Robots in Residence project by Alexander Reben and the Emotional Arcade by Brent Hoff.

Festival Dates

IDFA DocLab and the DocLab: Immersive Reality live cinema events take place during IDFA in Amsterdam, from 20-26 November 2014. The main DocLab Interactive Conference day is on Sunday 23 November 2014. Tickets can be bought at www.idfa.nl/industry from 11 November.

To register for the IDFA Festival, please fill out the accreditation form at www.idfa.nl/industry. For most DocLab events, including the DocLab Interactive Conference day, tickets are sold seperately as well.

Submission Deadlines
Every year, 15 projects are selected for the IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Documentary Storytelling. Submissions for 2014 are closed. The first upcoming entry deadline is March 2015.