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Tzina: Symphony of Longing

A poetic, interactive VR documentary in which the residents of the run-down Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv muse on their lives, loves, longing and loneliness.

At the end of 2016, Tzina Dizengoff square, one of Tel Aviv’s emblematic sites, will be demolished. The square became a home for the lonely and marginalized characters of the area. This project tells the story behind the people who gravitated toward the square and spent their days in it. In this interactive webVR documentary, they talk about the square and their lives. Their stories, with the recurring themes of love, longing and loneliness, are interwoven by Shirin Anlen with her personal connection to the same physical and emotional space. Together, they form a poetic musing on lost loves and things that have passed – one of which will soon be Dizengoff Square.

Project details

Year of development :2016
Created by:Shirin Anlen
With:Ziv Schnieder, Or Fleisher, Avner Peled, Laura Juo-Hsin Chen, Udi Ben-Arie

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