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A tech-noir espionage object taking inspiration from the set of La Jetee, Blade Runner or THX 1138.

plplpl.pl is an interactive anti-surveillance machine. A tech-noir espionage object originating from the set of La Jetee, Blade Runner or THX 1138. A mechanical cluster of wires, displays and cameras, searching for a deviant audience. plplpl.pl uses the latest technologies from the surveillance industry to observe and record its audience. The behavior of visitors is distinctly analysed, judged and correlated to similar actions of earlier audience members. The machine visualizes an expanding and mutating rhyme of actions, seemingly trapped by digital surveillance algorithms. However, when a visitor exhibits unusual or deviant behavior, the machine responds in a burst of joy.

Project details

Year of development :2016
Created by:Matthias Oostrik

Available formats

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