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Live: Super Stream Me 26 Nov 2015 at 20:00

A look back on one of the most ruthless live streaming experiments ever with Tim Den Besten and Nicolaas Veul as well as several special guests.

Live: VR Cinema Showcase 24 Nov 2015 at 20:00

Virtual reality pioneers show their latest works and reflect on both the hype and artistic potential of virtual reality and immersive media.

Live: The Art of Artificial Intelligence 23 Nov 2015 at 20:00

Live cinema event on artificial intelligence, including live presentations of Kyle McDonald, Dries Depoorter and Ross Goodwin.

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The Devil’s Toy Redux

Fifty years after Claude Jutra’s ‘The Devil’s Toy’, 14 directors across the world remix the pioneering film in an interactive experience.

1966, Montreal. With a shoulder-mounted camera, Claude Jutra makes one of the first skateboarding films in the world, The Devil’s Toy. Through the metaphor of this burgeoning sport, he describes the difficulty of being young, the desire to rebel, intolerance, and the fear of conformity. Fifty years later, skateboarding has become a full-blown sport, but has retained its essence, a vehicle for expression, rebellion and youth.

The Devil’s Toy Redux is a bridge between Claude Jutra’s time and ours. A series of reinterpretations, written and shot by fourteen directors from across the world, are juxtaposed with the original 1966 film. The project is as much a tribute to the original film as it is an invitation to see our society through a different lens. Skateboarders, filmmakers, web developers, and designers have joined their effort to make this collective work.

The Devil’s Toy Redux is a cinematic experience designed to open the audience’s eyes to the depth and breadth of the skate film genre. The eleven productions let the audience jump from country to country, theme to theme, and era to era. The project honours skateboarding films, yet also ventures beyond trick shots to tell a powerful and universal story of rebellion, intolerance and the refusal of conformity.

Directors: Corey Adams, Matt Charland, Steve Durand, Luke Jackson & Jess James Harris, Nikola Lezaic, Argyris Papadimitropoulos, Marten Persiel & Peter Schuttemeyer, Juan Qi An, Myriam Verreault, Fred Mortagne, Greg Hunt & Benno Maglinao.

Project details

Year of development :2014
Created by:Alex Leduc, Hugues Sweeney, Rob McLaughlin, Loc Dao, Dana Dansereau, Dominique Willieme
With:National Film Board of Canada, We+Are

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