Past events

Live: Super Stream Me 26 Nov 2015 at 20:00

A look back on one of the most ruthless live streaming experiments ever with Tim Den Besten and Nicolaas Veul as well as several special guests.

Live: VR Cinema Showcase 24 Nov 2015 at 20:00

Virtual reality pioneers show their latest works and reflect on both the hype and artistic potential of virtual reality and immersive media.

Live: The Art of Artificial Intelligence 23 Nov 2015 at 20:00

Live cinema event on artificial intelligence, including live presentations of Kyle McDonald, Dries Depoorter and Ross Goodwin.

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DocLab Expo: Immersive Reality

20-30 November 2014

Discover the latest interactive documentaries and apps, explore immersive installations and play with some of the most exciting new media technologies of today. The DocLab Expo: Immersive Reality is open throughout the festival and includes:

  • The Atlas of Pentecostalism installation by Bregtje van der Haak and Richard Vijgen
  • The Virtual Reality Screening Room with works by a.o. Oscar Raby (Assent), Danfung Dennis (Zero Point), James George and Jonathan Minard (Clouds) and Fisheye.
  • The Machine to Be Another installation by BeAnotherLab
  • Streaming Nation installation by Alexey Layfurov and Liza Faktor
  • Trojan Offices by Dries Depoorter
  • Oh My Gosh Zilla by Zilla van der Born
  • Cucalu by Daniel Disselkoen and Barbara Putman
  • The IDFA DocLab Competition Showcase 2014, with works by Miranda July, This American Life, Jan Rothuizen, Arte, the National Film Board of Canada and many more.

November 20-29, 9:00-23:00; November 30, 9:00-18:00 | De Brakke Grond – Witte Zaal

Admission free

Event information

  • When: 2014-11-20 at 9:00
  • Venue Name: De Brakke Grond
  • Venue address: Nes 43, 1012 KD Amsterdam
  • With: 

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Admission Free