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Live: Super Stream Me 26 Nov 2015 at 20:00

A look back on one of the most ruthless live streaming experiments ever with Tim Den Besten and Nicolaas Veul as well as several special guests.

Live: VR Cinema Showcase 24 Nov 2015 at 20:00

Virtual reality pioneers show their latest works and reflect on both the hype and artistic potential of virtual reality and immersive media.

Live: The Art of Artificial Intelligence 23 Nov 2015 at 20:00

Live cinema event on artificial intelligence, including live presentations of Kyle McDonald, Dries Depoorter and Ross Goodwin.

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A Spacecraft for All

The ISEE-3 was launched to study the Sun in 1978, but ended up redefining space flight. Now it’s on a new mission to become citizen science’s first spacecraft, with data accessible by everyone.

This Chrome Experiment follows the unlikely odyssey of the ISEE-3, a spacecraft launched in 1978 to study the Sun, but better known for its amazing accomplishments beyond that original mission.

A Spacecraft for All is an interactive documentary combining film and 3D graphics, allowing you to follow the spacecraft’s story as you trace it along its entire 36 year journey. Along the way, you can encounter orbits and comets in unique interactive experiences, so you can learn about the amazing space principles the spacecraft helped us understand.

The story tracks the spacecraft through its early years all the way up to its actual position in 2014, culminating on August 10th, 2014, in a live event 30 billion miles in the making – when it makes its long-awaited lunar flyby of the Moon – and you can follow it live in our lunar flyby demo alongside Project Reboot’s team and the rest of the world.

Project details

Year of development :2014
Created by:Dennis Wingo, Keith Cowing
With:Space College, Skycorp, Spaceref, Active Theory, Flies Collective, Stockton & Stockton, Editbar, Soundlounge, Nice Shoes & Google

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