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A program of short stories that would never have existed without the internet.

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18 Days in Egypt

A crowd-sourced interactive documentary that features thousands of videos, photos, e-mails and tweets from the Egyptian Revolution to tell the stories from those 18 pivotal days.

18 Days in Egypt is a broadcast and interactive documentary project that tells the story of the revolution, minute by minute using the personal media created by Egyptians in the crucible of the revolution. Egyptians tell this story themselves, with their footage, their photos, their e-mails, their texts, even their Tweets and Facebook status updates, all created during the 18 days of the revolution.

There are thousands of media fragments still on cell phones, cameras and hard drives around Egypt. Soon they will vaporize, and thousands of unique stories will disappear. The team behind 18 Days in Egypt based in Cairo and Silicon Valley, launched an effort to retrieve these stories.

Project details

Year of development :2011
Created by:Jigar Mehta
With:Hugo Soskin, Yasmin Elayat

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