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A Childhood Walk

A participatory trip down memory lane, Ze Frank’s “A Childhood Walk” explores the connections between location, technology, and memory.

Think of a walk that you would regularly take as a child; to a bus stop, to a friend’s house, along a paper route, along a trail through the woods. Locate the beginning of that walk in Google Street View and move along the same route that you used to take. If your walk is not available on Google Street View, just try to imagine yourself going on that walk. From time to time stop and look around you and try to focus on what it feels like to take that walk. If a memory of a moment comes to your mind, write it down. Take a screenshot of that place.

The 13 submissions that make up A Childhood Walk include anecdotes—humorous and poignant alike. Although the project is now closed, Frank invites site visitors to take their own childhood walks.

Project details

Year of development :2010
Created by:Ze Frank

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