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Live: Super Stream Me 26 Nov 2015 at 20:00

A look back on one of the most ruthless live streaming experiments ever with Tim Den Besten and Nicolaas Veul as well as several special guests.

Live: VR Cinema Showcase 24 Nov 2015 at 20:00

Virtual reality pioneers show their latest works and reflect on both the hype and artistic potential of virtual reality and immersive media.

Live: The Art of Artificial Intelligence 23 Nov 2015 at 20:00

Live cinema event on artificial intelligence, including live presentations of Kyle McDonald, Dries Depoorter and Ross Goodwin.

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This American Life

Live in the cinema, Ira Glass presents the best of 12 years of his popular radio documentary series.

Ira Glass is Doc Lab’s special guest this year. Twelve years ago, he started a new radio documentary program on NPR entitled This American Life. Five hundred radio stations now carry the show, and it is also available as a free download.

In each of the weekly broadcasts, Glass presents three or four stories around a given subject. These themes range widely, from “impossible loves” to “swapped at birth” to “returning to the scene of a crime.” This series has become one of the most popular documentary series in the world — with audiences of 1.8 million every week — and has received many awards.

A TV version began two years ago, and a dozen feature films based on true stories from Glass and his editorial team are in production. Recently, Glass started organizing live theater performances in cinemas in which he presents ordinary people’s extraordinary stories.

At IDFA, Glass presented a once-only showcase featuring the best of 12 years of This American Life. In addition to clips from the radio program, Glass also showed the audience selections from the TV series, live performances, and radio stories with added animations.

Project details

Year of development :1997, ongoing
Created by:Ira Glass

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